Sean Quentin Carver who is also an American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) member since May 2006, is better known by his stage name as Sean Ca$h. An American rapper, songwriter and record producer, born December 9, 1988, from Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Since the age of 14 he has been writing his own music to performing at different venues in front of many crowds of all ages. A taste of dirty south with an east coast vibe, Sean Ca$h grew up listing to Jay-Z, B.I.G., DMX, Master P, UGK and 8 Ball & MJG to name a few. Very gifted individual who’s also a breath of fresh air from your local sound-alikes and trend followers. No stranger to the microphone, at a young age Sean Ca$h has had music played over the airwaves. Teaming up with a childhood friend named Silas and started their own rap group “State Champz” later dropping mixtapes, Try Yaself Vol. 1 & Try Yaself Vol. 2.

          Over the years Sean Ca$h would move back and forth from North Carolina to Portland, Tennessee to later picking up and moving to San Antonio, Texas. Focusing back on his music to established himself as a force to be reckoned with, he released his first highly anticipated solo album “Lottery Ticket”. Featuring various artists from North Carolina and Texas such as; Tre Da Vain, Slim Street and Disturbia from VABP to Phoenix, J-Maya from Double Cup Ent, Darius Laird, Bambu, Ty-One, Lil’ Aubrey, Josh Denn, and J. Starr. Claiming fans all over the United States and in other countries such as Germany, Canada, Japan, Czech Republic, Africa, Trinidad, Iraq and Afghanistan.

          Building a huge buzz for himself to meeting up with the late DJ Tiz who featured Sean Ca$h on RS&AB (Ridin Slabs & Actin Bad) and Ghetto Goodz Vol. 1. DJ Tiz also hosted a special edition DVD for Sean Ca$h called "I Put On" which featured other fellow artists from Texas congratulating Sean Ca$h on the success of Lottery Ticket. From Wheel of Fortune Gang to Ms. Mission, 15Five, B Hop, Markeyz Rose, Sanman, Southern Bred, Frank Riggins, Play Ski, Young Hustle, Big Steve, Red Boi, Mitch James & Company, Texas Finest Ent, Chedr Vil, 5’6, Lil Keke and Chalie Boy.

           Now a very familiar face, Sean Ca$h was a trending topic and performing at a series of live shows for Coast to Coast, SXSW and the Dallas-Fort Worth Smash Tour. Landing the front cover of Bread Magazine Vol 3 Issue 1, to having an interview for Rep Your City issue #31 for Coast 2 Coast Magazine hosted by David Banner to also being recruited for the “Don’t Mess with Texas Vol. 2” hosted by DJ Locnez. Staying busy and consistent Sean Ca$h dropped his second album S.C.R.E.A.M. (Sean Ca$h Rules Everything Around Me). Hosted by one of San Antonio’s very own D.J. Chop who is the Founder and General Manager at Chop Shop SA Radio and featuring more fellow artists from Highstrung to Paris Cimone, Young Pro, Figuz, Observe, Will Apollo and Peryon J Kee from White Cup Ent.

          Moving back to the Nashville area, Sean Ca$h is focused on making new music for his worldwide fans that have been playing his music religiously throughout the years. Back in the studio with another project “Unorthodox” which will give you more of Sean Ca$h’s raw, versatile skills and talents which he possesses and the gift and potential to win over more viewers from different aspects of the world. Standing out to make a statement, Sean Ca$h will use his business savvy smarts and hustle to aim for higher levels than he’s ever imaged. For exclusive tracks, bookings, music videos and more visit officialseancash.net